Tips for Shipping

There is nothing worse than waiting for a package that’s never going to arrive or getting a bill from customs. Or finally receiving your box and finding out the make-up palettes are broken! I’m going to give you a few tips that might help getting your packages safe and sound to its destination.

Tip 1: Bubble wrap the hell out of it!

I can’t keep saying how important it is to use enough bubble wrap! The trip your box is going to have will be rough. You need to make sure it can survive a hurricane! If you don’t have bubble wrap you can always use old papers or toilet paper.


Tip 2: Lie your ass off!

If you ship a box international you need to fill in a customs form. For some stupid reason you need to pay tax over the products if it’s not a gift. So make sure you always write on the form that it is a gift with no more value than $30/30 euro. If you need to tell exactly what inside you have to lie about perfume and nail polish (if you are shipping to the UK don’t send it because they are very strict and destroy your package).

I always write this on the form:
Cosmetics – 10 Euro
Candy – 5 Euro
Eye shadow – 10 Euro

This way I’m not lying but they also won’t open it because it’s not a high enough value to check.

Tip 3: Sloppy handwriting

Always try to copy it exactly on your box. Make sure you write big and clear. If you have a sloppy handwriting, print a label. This way the mailman can’t say that he couldn’t read the address.


Tip 4: Don’t shake or I will break!!

Make sure the mail man knows it’s fragile! I always use lots of tape with the words fragile on it. He has to be blind if he misses that!


Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will answer them in another article. For now I think you all have the basics safe shipping.

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